Live Demo Applications

To give you a better idea what a data-bound editable grid component is, we have put together several AspGrid-based applications that enable you to work with live data residing on our server. You will find many more samples once you install AspGrid on your hard drive.
  1. Expense Report

    This demo utilizes AspGrid to implement an on-line application which allows you to add, edit and delete records in a hypothetical expense report. This application uses both client-side and server-side date validation, as well as many other nice features AspGrid has to offer.

  2. Expense Report 2 (Edit Mode)

    AspGrid 3.0 is capable of displaying all records of a grid in the edit mode at once. This reduces the number of form submits necessary to modify a record by half (from 2 to 1). Due to the fact that there are now multiple forms on a grid (one for each record), a special client-side validation technique must be employed, as demonstrated by this sample.

  3. Expense Report 3 (Update-All-At-Once Mode)

    This demo requires AspGrid 3.1. The new Update-All-At-Once mode enables you to make changes to multiple visible records and update them all at once by clicking the Update button.

  4. City/State Lookup

    Take advantage of AspGrid's advanced navigation techniques when working with a relatively large set of records. Jump directly to a record that meets your search criteria, or use the page-up and page-down buttons to browse through your recordset page by page.