Row Object


The Row object represents a single row within a grid's Output representation, The latter is populated by calling Grid.Display(False) or Grid.BuildForm.

An instance of the Row object can be obtained via the properties Output.HeaderRow and Output.FooterRow, and the collection Output.Rows.

Member List


Blocks As Objects (Read-only)
Returns a collection of Block objects. Each Block object represents a single cell within a grid row.

CloseForm As String (Read-only)
Returns the string "</FORM>".

CloseTR As String (Read-only)
Returns the string "</TR>".

Form As String (Read-only)

Returns the <FORM> tag with all its attributes and hidden variables for a form that AspGrid generates for each of its body rows, as well as the footer row.

If this Row object was obtained via Output.HeaderRow, this property is empty because AspGrid does not generate a single form for its header. Each column receives its individual header form if sorting is enabled on that column.

Index As Long (Read-only)
Returns the 1-based index of this row as it appears in a grid's body. If this row object is a header or footer row, this property returns 0.

TR As String (Read-only)
Returns the string "<TR>".


This object has no methods.
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